Our government advisory division’s goal is to upgrade these countries on the international, financial and geopolitical domain by using the generated foreign direct investments to significantly develop their infrastructures, economies, and overall consumer society.
Expat investment group looks not only to empower individual investors, but also nations in general. The government advisory division of the firm, partly via some of our board members, has already been involved in the successful design, implementation and launch of some of the currently existing citizenship by investment programmes. In addition, we are presently under confidential agreements with a further number of countries to assist them carry out new programmes that are expected to become the future favourites in the industry.
Benefits of working with Expat investment group
Well managed citizenship by investment programmes can be considered a great source of funding for all economic and strategic development initiatives. Expat investment group will help your country by unlocking its potential and turning it into economic growth and employment opportunities.
Job creation and knowledge economy
In a globalized world, where aggressive competition for capital and skills asset is a standard, a well understood and positive reputation can drive your investments, export and tourism, as well as cultural and (geo)political influence. Sovereign states increasingly use tactical communications to influence and engage global stakeholders to support their strategic goals – be they diplomatic, geopolitical, financial, trade or investment related. Expat investment group will be promoting your country as a global investment option.
Enhancing sovereign reputation
Expat investment group, together with leading international consulting groups, were already able to craft strategies to generate more than EUR 400 million in FDI (produced by citizenship by investment programmes) for different government partners. By partnering with us, Damacorp will conduct a workshop with world leading economists to design and maximize your country's FDI strategy by linking it to your citizenship or residency programme.
Foreign direct investment – Enhancing the lives of your citizens
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