Citizenship by Investment
/ Capital Vienna
/ Area 83 879 km
/ Population 9 006 398
/ Official language German
/ Currency Euro
/ Time zone UTC +1 (CET)
The reality is that we live in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world – from global economic meltdowns to governments imposing unjust regulations. Until today, on an economic level, Austria has remained largely unscathed. During the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, Austria experienced considerably higher employment growth with a much smaller unemployment rate compared to the rest of the EU.
Although there is no official Citizenship by Investment Programme, the Austrian government is permitted to grant citizenships to investors who contribute an extraordinary merit into the country. Austrian passport is a symbol that represents a level of prestige and stability that is unmatched by any other economic citizenship available today.
On a geo-political level, the country has maintained a very good global reputation because of its neutral political position and skilful foreign policy – playing a pivotal role in the support of building peace, stability, and prosperity within the European Union.
Austria, officially known as the Republic of Austria, is a landlocked East Alpine country in Central Europe. Renowned for its rich cultural, historic and musical heritage (home to Mozart and Beethoven), breathtaking alpine peaks and a beautiful countryside, it is not a mystery why tourism makes up around 10% of the Austrian economy.


the right to live, work, study and settle in any European country
visa-free or visa on arrival access to more than 180 countries
inclusion of family members
well-established and high-quality healthcare and education
low crime rates
high standard of living and life satisfaction
no residency requirements
To qualify, applicants need to fulfil the financial requirement below:
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DIRECT INVESTMENT starting from: 10 000 000 EUR
CONTRUBUTION starting from: 3 000 000 EUR
In the absence of specific laws for Citizenship by Investment, Austria uses Article 10, Section 6 of its Citizenship Act to enable the government to award foreigners with an Austrian citizenship for contributing an “extraordinary merit”. Though “extraordinary merit” is an undefined legal term, in general, extraordinary economic scientific, artistic, and extraordinary achievement in sport may qualify a foreigner. Agreement with the government is on a case-by-case basis.
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